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Queer + Trans Parenting

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After more than 10 years working as a caretaker for infants and children of all ages, as well as from my experience working as a elementary school teaching assistant, I began to notice that I very often fall into the role of parent and child educator/support-person - specifically as it related to emotional support and regulation. 


I have supported children in understanding and safely expressing complex feelings, and have helped them to work through changes in family structure and identity as it relates to gender, sexuality or expression. I have "queered" games and traditions for parents, and have offered tips and insight on how to navigate big conversations with little ones. 

Those who birth and parent exist beyond the assumed cis heteronormative binary, and while the very nature of our LGBTQ+ community is always fluidly changing and growing, we still are often othered or placed as an afterthought in the worlds of education, healthcare, and parenting. 

We are not an asterisk to add on to the end of a paragraph. Inclusive, safe, and actively LGBTQ+ focused, care is essential for the well-being of queer and trans parents and their children. I provide support for parents navigating this world (whether you have a new baby or a child of any age), provide queer education and support for children, and work to provide helpful tools and resources for the whole family unit. 

*Set up a FREE initial consultation to inquire about about pricing offered on a sliding scale!

What would this kind of support look like?

  • Parenting planning/goal setting
  • Hourly support (virtually or in-person in NYC)
  • Educational and resource navigation support
  • Queer story-time; reading alloud and/or taught reading instruction 
  • Embodiment & grounding for children or tools parents can use with their children
  • Developing techniques with children to navigate and express "big feelings" + ways to safely explore and understand identity 
  • Pronoun games 
  • Incorporating queer learning into art therapy
  • Providing individualized referrals
  • Giving culturally sensitive/inclusive approaches to queer parenting

The specific services I will provide you with are 100% up to you! I individualize every queer parenting plan with you to make sure we are taking into account the ways that you (and your child) best learn, the types of support that you feel are the most helpful, and will always leave room for wants and needs to fluctuate.


This timeline will differ on an individual basis, but here's a little on what to expect.

Free Virtual Consultation (30 min)

This can either be a Zoom or a phone call, where we can get to know each other and determine whether we're the right fit for one another!

Select the "Book a Free Call" option below to schedule your virtual consultation today!

Initial Intake + Parenting Planning (1 hr)

This will be our first official visit to more specifically discuss your goals around queer-inclusive parenting.


This will be where we develop your plan, go over our contract, discuss your specific needs, and where I can meet your child/children. In-person is preferred for this visit, but a remote call can be accommodated as well!

Regular Visits (2-4 hrs/visit)

Visits are booked anywhere from 1-3 days a week and must be booked in minimums of 2 hr blocks per visit.


Sessions can be parents-only, child-only, or can include the whole family! What our time together looks like, is entirely up to you.

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