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Hi there!

My name is Vic, and I'm a New York based Doula, who aims to nurture, support and affirm you, while assisting you in reclaiming your identity, your body and your experience. In my practice, I value communication, accessibility, comfort and consent and prioritize making those around me feel comfortable, empowered, and safe. 

I provide postpartum services, assistance with navigating queer + trans parenting, meal support (both as an add-on for postpartum care or a la carte), as well as pay-what-you-can abortion support.

My Story

After about 10 years of working in various care settings - working as an infant nanny, an educator, a sitter, a Planned Parenthood Clinic transporter, and as a Direct Support Professional - I decided to become a Fertility, Postpartum + Abortion Doula in 2023. I strive to support birthing & non-birthing parents by providing nurturing + individualized care, that affirms their journey, their body and their experiences.


I approach this work as someone who is genuinely passionate and connected to the various identities and experiences you may hold that impact your needs and goals. I specialize in providing postpartum care that highlights bodily autonomy and client-centered healing. I understand that not every individual learns the same way, nor do they want to receive care and support in the same way - this remains a crucial element of my intake process! My approach is always inclusive, but always leaves room for clients to say “no” or “not now” to various forms of support. I aim to uplift YOUR voice, to aid you in making informed decisions that allow you to feel autonomous, knowledgeable, and closer to a sense of dignity. I am passionate about taking a multicultural, gender-inclusive, Health at Every Size Approach, and care about advocacy in these fields on a basis of genuine interest and a commitment to ongoing education.




Lactation Education,

Marie Biancuzzo, RN, MS, CCL, IBCLC

Completed course for lactation education, required to sit for International Board of Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) exam. 95.0 L-CERPs approved by Marie Biancuzzo (Breastfeeding Outlook) (Provider # CLT108-22) which is accredited as a long-term provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.


Postpartum Doula Training, DONA International


Abortion Doula Training,

Birth Advocacy Doula Trainings (BADT)


Queer + Trans Reproductive Support Training,

Birth Advocacy Doula Trainings (BADT)

Completed required hours of DONA-approved postpartum, perinatal and lactation and newborn feeding education. Provided qualifying support to several postpartum clients - submitted with documentation and evaluation. Completed all steps for certification and signed commitments to the DONA International Code of Ethics, including a commitment to ongoing education.

Learned about how to navigate abortion access and and policy. Gained direct and accurate information about what happens during various procedures. Received education surrounding what to expect and how to prepare for being in-clinic with clients, along with building tools to use in direct-client support. 

Training included education surrounding barriers to access, such as why reproductive justice must be approached with an active anti-racist lens. Training focused on how an abortion doula can safely and inclusively protect and fight for bodily autonomy and reproductive rights.

Training that included topics such as Queer + Trans Postpartum, Queer + Trans Infant Feeding, Gender Expansive Parenting, and Legal + Social Considerations for Queer Families. Courses focused on wellness for Black queer folks, trauma education and how providers can offer support that's affirming and celebratory of trans and queer families.


Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED,

Red Cross 

Training around recognizing and caring for a variety of first aid, breathing, and cardiac emergencies involving infants and children.


Ongoing infant CPR/AED Certification is maintained, with most recent training being January, 2023. 


Abortion Advocacy + Patient Transport Training,

Planned Parenthood

Partook in training courses, seminars and attended political lobbying events to learn how to work as a patient clinic transporter at clinics with high rates of anti-choice protesting activity, and to actively participate in education surrounding barriers to reproductive healthcare access. Continued to work as a patient advocate and clinic transporter in areas of Rochester, New York and Nassau County, New York.


Bachelor of Arts,

SUNY Geneseo

BA in majoring in International Relations and Women's and Gender Studies. Developed a thesis which focused on Indigenous Relationships with Sustainability and presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference. Chosen to develop and create content for Geneseo's first interdisciplinary course on Sustainability.

Coursework included: Gender + Global Education, Gender + Disability, State + Society in the Non-Western World, Afrofuturism, and Cross Cultural Global Health Issues.


Interested in seeing if I'm the right fit for you?

Book a free video or phone consultation with me today. 

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