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Doula Access Fund

As part of my commitment to anti-oppressive practices and accessible services, I offer sliding scale services as well as a reduced fee to a number of clients who would otherwise be unable to access doula services. The money made in this fund supports my ability to provide postpartum care, meal support and queer parenting assistance, at a lower rate to more people. It also allows me to offer abortion doula services to more people, which I always provide on a free or pay-what-you-can basis.

So what does contributing to my work look like in practice? In one regard, it can mean that I can accommodate working with more lower-income clients who need postpartum support but can't afford it. By donating to this fundraiser, you will also help me to offer a wider range of free services for clients who are seeking life-saving and essential healthcare, such as folks who are in need of support in navigating the decision of seeking an abortion. With the money in this fund, I will be purchasing aftercare products for pain relief (such as herbal tinctures and ice/heat packs), food items for meal support, as well as covering the cost for individuals who need financial assistance for in-clinic visits and/or pills needed for a self-managed abortion. 

One way to invest in community care is to consider your own access to financial resources and make a contribution towards The Body Reclamation Doula Access Fund. Your contributions directly subsidize the cost of services for individuals who request a reduced fee making it possible for them to receive care.
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